Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is our duty at to safeguard all the information collected by our visitors - we make sure that any data submitted by participants is well protected. All information that we collect on this or any other sites that we own and operate is obtained by legal means and with the users' full consent.

Note that we only ask our users to provide the particulars that are an essential component to render desired services. Similarly, we make it our obligation to let you know why we need the data and how we share it. Such data is only stored in our database for the period within which it's required to offer the desired service.

In order to prevent copying, unauthorized access or disclosure of the information you submit on this website, we make use of suitable security technologies. Please be aware that we never, under any circumstances, share the users' details with third parties unless under strict directions by the law.

Note that all users have the liberty to decline our request to submit any kind of information with the knowledge that this could result in denial of requested services.

On this website (, you'll find hyperlinks that point to external sites called third-parties. Be advised that these are independent sites and we have no control over them or the content/material they publish. Therefore, we cannot, in any way, be held liable for any of their actions.

By proceeding to use this website and our services, you hereby approve of our practices as regards personal data and privacy. If you have any concerns about how we gather, share and distribute personal data, do not hesitate to talk to us.